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Thanks to the generosity of Keith Hand, I have various original copies of the MICRO-80 magazine and a “Trackdown Microsimulator Z80” available. These, as usual, are available for FREE to good homes! First come first served! (Please don’t insult the genuine TRS-80 community by trying to sell them on Ebay). Email me for further details.

The June 2017 edition of TRS8BIT is available from the Downloads page. I’ve featured articles and items ‘from the day’ highlighting the Model 1 clones, but not of course, forgetting news of the latest hardware developments.  I hope you find it enjoyable. Items of interest are :-

Nigel Dibben reviews Level 3 BASIC, Ian Mavric reviews Pascal Holdry’s PMC50/40 interface to the M1 E.I. There is a review of the PMC-80 from ‘InfoWorld’. Leon Heller reports on a 16K memory expansion to the Video Genie EG3003. Malcolm Kennerley adds 64K RAM chips to the Video Genie. Geoff Smith has a review of the Genie 3. Ken Grey has the ‘mods’ to SCRIPSIT for the Video Genie. Ian Mavric shows how he recovered from a keyboard disaster. Pascal Holdry has details of his DOM interface for the M2. And finally, Ian Mavric reviews the Tandy Lineprinter 2.

Peter Cetinski has released episode 15 of TrashTalk. He is also organising a 'Tandy Assembly' on the 7-8 October 2017 in Chillicote, Ohio, USA. Is anyone from the UK hoping to attend?

As always, indexes for NATGUG News, TRSTIMES, 80-US and 80-Microcomputing, together with back issues of TRS8BIT, the NEWDOS86/90 manual, Mav's Building the Super Micro and the Aculab Floppy Tape User Guide, are available from the downloads page. Index down-loads are 'ZIP' files. The index(es) contain 2 copies. All are in Microsoft Works database format.

There are 2 files, the first as a *.wdb and the second as comma separated value file. All other publications, including TRS8BIT, are in .pdf format.

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