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Peter Cetinski has released episode 22 of TrashTalk. In this episode the Trash Talkers discuss one of the most popular of the TRS-80 compatible or "clone" computers, the Dick Smith System 80. The System 80 was mainly sold in Australia and New Zealand but variants were also sold in the United States and Europe under the PMC-80 and Video Genie brands.

‘Cat Mantra’, in the UK, is releasing a new game called Actual Reality. Full details are on Facebook.

Peter Cetinski had released his new game called Breakdown. Full details on his website.

The March issue of TRS8BIT is available from the downloads page. This is the start, believe it or not, of our 12th year and I think, once again we’ve managed to find some fascinating bits which I hope you will all enjoy.   Ian Mavric has contributed 4 articles. He shows how to use a Co-Co disk drive on a M1, 3 & 4. He reviews the Tandy Lineprinter VI (DMP400/20). There is also the final part of his Tandy ‘Farming’ article and finally, he gives us a roundup of the M4’s he’s come across. Converting a .jpg to a /BAS file is experimented with. There is a review of the Colour Genie by Simon Goodwin. ET Fonehume sets off the new year with a one liner, binary countdown! Gazza gives us the low-down on connecting a FreHD to a System-80 or Video Genie. Alan Wallace has sent us all a copy of his ‘Deal or No Deal’ program (available from the downloads page) and finally, there are details of the 2018 competition which has a fantastic prize, waiting to be won!

The collection of one line BASIC programs for the M1 is still available from the downloads page. There is an A4 style booklet, as a .PDF file, together with a /DSK file of the included programs.

Many thanks to Gazza and Errol for their efforts in sourcing a M2 keyboard for me. I’ll keep you up to date with the progress.

As always, indexes for NATGUG News, TRSTIMES, 80-US and 80-Microcomputing, together with back issues of TRS8BIT, the NEWDOS86/90 manual, Mav's Building the Super Micro and the Aculab Floppy Tape User Guide, are available from the downloads page. Index down-loads are 'ZIP' files. The index(es) contain 2 copies. All are in Microsoft Works database format.

There are 2 files, the first as a *.wdb and the second as comma separated value file. All other publications, including TRS8BIT, are in .pdf format.

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